New comment policy

I am 100% okay with disagreeing with people. But when you use the same tired, nonfactual arguments to make your points, and you insult me and people I care about, that isn’t okay.

I’ve turned on comment moderation for all comments.

This is my home. You are a guest and we can have a reasonable discussion. You can be angry. But you won’t hurt me or my friends. You won’t crap on the rug or trash my living room, and I won’t find my couch cushion in the bathtub. This isn’t tone policing. I am okay with anger, with frustration, with rage. What I’m not okay with is hateful attitudes toward me for wanting to be treated as though I’m human. As though I’m deserving of love and respect, and that I’m not a broken object to be fixed.


2 thoughts on “New comment policy

  1. Definitely not going to argue with you about any of that. You need to feel comfortable with your blog, IMO, and you have the perfect right to moderate comments. You go! 🙂

    😉 tagAught


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