When Is It Okay to Chain Your Child to a Bed?

Tw: abuse apologism, child abuse, restraint.

Thank you to Sparrow at Unstrange Mind for writing what needs to be said about this awful case out of Australia.

Unstrange Mind

chain with padlockThe answer should be obvious, right? Never. Never is it okay to chain your child to a bed and leave him alone, crying out for someone to give him water.

This is what happened in Australia where a mother chained her 16-year-old Autistic son to the bed and left him there alone while she went to the store. If you are upset for that young man, good! You should be! I’m upset on his behalf but I’m also upset and disturbed that, once again, I witness the trend of empathizing with the abusive parent and virtually ignoring everything about the child.

The Facebook administrator for Autism Awareness Australia gave mere lip service to the suffering of the young man and focused most of the spotlight on the mother:

A horrific story…..for everyone involved. Whilst no parent should do this to their child, we can only imagine the desperate situation this…

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